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About us

Turning Studios is a music composition and production house with facilities in Sydney, Los Angeles and New York.  Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, our work can be seen in international brand commercials, the world's biggest cinema and streaming releases, and in theatre.


Elliott Wheeler

Elliott is a Composer, producer and Turning Studios founder and excels at the pressurized heights where contemporary music and film fuse.  He’s as adept at bringing diverse artists – from Nas to Bryan Ferry – into sync with the complex demands of music-driven visual tours de force, as he is working on period needle drops and mixes, or composing traditional dramatic scores.

Wheeler has a unique ability to bring disparate personalities, talents, eras and idioms into coherence with an overall vision. That’s been honed in his work as composer and executive music producer with Baz Luhrmann – most notably on the genre- and era-defying The Great Gatsby, and Netflix sensation The Get Down, as well as projects such the Ship Song Project for the Sydney Opera House.

Elliott is the recipient of countless international screen composition awards and is now based between Los Angeles, New York and Sydney.

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Emma Hoy

Emma is the General Manager and co-founder of Turning Studios. Her skill and passion for creation and collaboration has become her life's work having delvered hundreds of high profile projects across music, film, TV, stage and advertising over her 20 year career. 

Emma’s professional career echoes her life-long obsession with music performance and music production. From a young age, she has studied a multitude of instruments, produced and engineered countless album projects and has constantly performed in live music and curated events and installations for local and international festivals.

She also has had a continuing career working with Aboriginal artists in remote and rural communities across Australia and founded her own charity, Signal Creative in 2017.

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Jamieson Shaw

Jamieson is an Australian Music Producer, Music Editor and Composer based in US. Straddling both the recording and film industries, Jamieson specialises in combining the two disciplines; creating cinematic, detailed arrangements in his productions for music artists, whilst bringing a nuanced understanding of the sonics of popular music to his film work.  

While in New York, Jamieson has worked on tracks for artists including; Nas, Grandmaster Flash, Christina Aguilera, Nile Rogers and Kimbra and was producer on the 2016 Nas and Michael Kiwanuka collaboration 'Black Man In A White World: Ghetto Gettysburg Address'. 

Most recently, Jamieson served as Senior Music Editor and Music Programmer on the Baz Luhrmann Netflix series 'The Get Down' , for which he was awarded the top industry prize; the MPSE Golden Reel Award for excellence in Music Editing.